Olive, as a gift to mankind, is still a discoverable holly plant since nothing is to be prodigalized from leaf to wood, from fruit to oil, even the ashes.

Olive still contains some oil in the oil cake after being extracted the most water and oil of it at oil plants physically. But this oil is not be called as olive oil due to the physical change and conditions during olive paste process. So it is called as Olive Pomace Oil.

In our country, Olive Pomace Oil, used in making soap only for years, has been offered recently as Refined Olive Pomace Oil, regarding to the changes made in the relevant food regulations.

The most important specialities that differs from other vegetable oils are as follows;

Since Refined Olive Pomace Oil gets heating process, both during first production and during refining process, Ingredients that cause burning of olive oil burn completely and decomposed. Because there is no substance to burn inside, it becomes oil enduring higher heats. That is, we may describe it as the healthiest oil at frying foods.

The other speciality is not to be classified as olive oil even though it has olive oil specialities basically. For that reason the price is lower than olive oil, and when comparing to other vegetable oils, it becomes more attractive than olive oil in our countries conditions. It is an essential oil in frying foods especially in Japan, USA, and most of the European countries.

Refined Pomace Olive Oil not only prevents environmental pollution but has an important role for development in olive industry also.

Olive Paste Factories not only give waste product back to the economy, but also they change olive paste to olive cake as a solid fuel which can be used at home and in industry, by removing oil in it, which might make environmental pollution. The resulting value reaches to olive producers and final consumers.

As a result; Refined Pomace Olive Oil is not an opponent, but it proves its superiority for health to the other vegetable oils (corn, sunflower, cotton, soybean, canola etc...).

Refined Pomace Olive Oil is an olive originally oil; which might be a good alternative for Riviera type Olive Oils, but will never be called as Olive Oil.