Yavuzlar Group is a family company, covering DOGUS and ORPIR Olive Cake Plants in addition to Olive Pomace Refinery , Estating, and Electrical Household Appliances’ Trading Companies.

DOGUS PIRINA A.S. at Ayvalik has the processing capacity of 550 tons/day pomace olive.

Conveniently located in Ayvalik, DOĞUŞ Prina Yağ ve Yağlı Mad. San. Tic. A.Ş. has an average of 550 tons per day of pomace processing capability.

Our facility in Ovacık / Bergama, ORPİR Orman Ürünleri Prina Yağ Katı Yakıt San. Tic. A.Ş, has a capacity to process an average of 700 tons of pomace per day.

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Totally 110 tons olive pomace oil has been refined daily at Ovacik/Bergama; chemically 50 tons and physically 60 tons.

Refined olive pomace oil is the most efficacious especially for fryings. Triglyceride content of refined olive pomace oil resists oxidations and disruption of frying temperatures due to it’s olive orginality. Although agricultural origin of all seed oils has risk for GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) there is no risk at pomace olive oil due to it’s olive originality. Yet all seed oils are imported, pomace olive oil is domestic though. We think refined pomace olive oil is a better selection than other seed oils with those specialites.

Our prime goal is to reach to deserved value for olive pomace oil in both nationally and ingternationally with our brands Moliveys, Minero, Emseoil, Yaoil and Emirserra.

We are in the activity retail trading of white goods with YAVUZLAR Electrical Household in Balikesir.Our company is Balikesir BOSCH Central Dealer.

We conduct our constructive activities with Yavuzlar Const. A.S.

Our priority is respecting our natural habitats by efective use of clean and renewable energy sources.So, we decide to produce “Electrical Energy" by using “olive cake" which will be the first in Turkish Energy Sector. First plant’s installed power will be 11.6 MW, so the second will be the same.


Yavuzlar Grup A.S