DOGUS PIRINA, established by 40 Bay Region Olive Producers in 1980 for the aim of benefiting own products; continued its activities at the same location until 1996. Our company’s start-up goal was to use its own olive pomace. Although our company’s shareholders decreased as a result of the capital increase after 1996, we continued our investments regarding to the technological developments.

Today, our factory occupies about 77,000 square meters of space, 12,000 meters of which are occupied by production and storage facilities. Our production capacity allows us to process about 550 tons of olive pomace per day. Our factory is located in the province of Ayvalik on the highway between the cities of Canakkale and Izmir.

The factories ORPIR and DOĞUŞ Pirina are one of the largest pomace processing plants in Europe and the Middle East. Our processing capacity allows us to process a total of about 1250 tons of olive pomace per day.

In addition, our factory has 33,000 square meters open concrete floor stock area.

Thus, we contribute to the development of the country's economy and take care of the environment, using almost the entire volume of pomace produced, which local producers consider as waste.


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Orpir Pirina & Dogus Pirina