Olive Cake: It is the least processed of olive paste. Olive paste becomes solid fuel through this process with %3 ash, % 10 humid (appx.) and less than %1 oil in after having been dried and removed oil with hexane solution. Olive Cake is generally sold by poured or in 10 - 35 kg bags. It can be used additional fuel in almost all kind of charcoal heating boiler. There are some self-feeding olive cake boilers too. Olive Cake has the same heat degree like oak and coniferous plants; but provides cleaner combustion due to the least humidity. It is proper for dry solid fuel burning furnace; no harm to burning pot, and no block the feeding spirals.

Olive Cake Stone: Olive paste has separated from each other by 4mm sieve; olive cake and cake stone. As, olive cake is used for olive cake pellete; olive cake stone, consisting of core fractures, has been bagged and sold as solid fuel, too. The speciality of olive cake stone is to be totally dust free and clean fuel. Olive Cake Stone has less humidity regarding olive cake. Humidity is generally %5-7. It is very efficient fuel with the 5.000 kCal/kg heating level. Ash is less than %2, which means less than 20 kgs ash remains from 1.000kgs olive cake stone. It can be used in all kind of solid fuel furnaces and stoves, separately or by mixing with other fuels. 4-6m3 air is needed for 1 kg olive cake stone’s burning; on the other hand, 1kg lignite uses approximately 20 m3 air. So, olive cake stone is one of the most cleanly and efficient fuel type for heating.

Olive Cake Pellete: Olive cake has been processed in different shaped pelletes by machine. It is generally produced cylindrical shaped in 1-3 cm length and 6 - 10 mm diameter. It has less humid, and well-matched to solid fuel heating systems regarding olive cake. Due to the evaporation of some combustible gas inside, Olive Cake’s heating productivity decreases, when used in charcoal designed furnaces, since it’s volatile substance percentage is high. It is advisable to use low burning rated Olive Cake Pellete, if it is not used secondary combustion chamber (systems, igniting volatile gases again in second chamber). Although it is not widespread in Turkey, Olive Cake can be used in briquette-shape in fireplaces as fuel by mixing with other different biomasses in Italy and Spain. 1 kg Olive Cake briquette may burn efficiently for 1 hour.