Pomace oil, which for many years was used only in soap making and cosmetology, with the advent of new cleaning technologies and in accordance with the changes made to the rules of food production. As a result of this changes, it has become possible to use for cooking and frying. This type of pomace oil is called as refined olive pomace oil.

There are several important features that distinguish refined pomace oil from other vegetable oils. Since refined pomace olive oil is processed with heat at several stages of production, all substances that cause the burning of the oil are disintegrated. Therefore, it becomes an oil resistant to high temperatures and can be used for frying. It does not taste bitter and retains all the beneficial properties of olive oil.

Another feature of refined olive pomace oil is that, while retaining all the beneficial properties of olive oil, it has a lower and more attractive price compared to traditional olive oils or other vegetable oils. Today, refined olive pomace olive oil has proven to be indispensable cooking oil in Japan, America and most European countries.